Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Street Wear Color Rich Nail Color- Fairytale Romance Review

Heya folks! How has 2015 been treating you? Well, for me a lot has been going on but don't worry I won't bore you with it here. I have something else for you, guess what?? A review of course. :D (okay, that wasn't funny, I know, just trying to be a little interactive here.) Today I'm reviewing Streewear Color Rich Nail Paint in the shade Fairytale Romance.

Details: Street wear revamped their color rich line this year and came up with a stylish range of cosmetics. The new range consists of lipsticks, lip glosses, nail enamels, foundation, compact, eye liner and kohl. This new collection comes in an intriguing pop art packaging, very chic and very girly. Nail enamels include a vast array of trendy shades, glamorous browns and mauve, stylish pops, pretty pinks, and playful reds. These are priced at Rs 60 for 5 ml.

My verdict:  The new Streetwear Color Rich range was a great budget discovery for me last year. I so love their nail colors. This shade called Fairytale Romance is one of my favorites. It is a neon pink shade that is utterly stylish and instantly perks up the hands. It comes in a tiny bottle with a thin good quality brush which isn't too hard to work with. The formula is not sheer but not too creamy either, it is just okay.  Two coats build up the actual color which easily lasts 3 days, and it does not chip. All Indian skin tones will find it flattering on their hands.

A very trendy shade, Fairytale Romance is a must have at just Rs 60 with no compromise on quality.


  1. I dont know why bt it started chipping that very day when i apply it.. :( disappointed


    1. Even I can't say why so. :(
      I have four from this range and they do not chip off...they just fade at the corners after 3 days or more.